This blog is a record of the recent tour of meeting houses in mid-coast Maine on Sept. 7-8  2013, conducted by the New England Chapter of the Vernacular Architecture Forum (VAF).  VAF was organized in 1980 to encourage the study and preservation of all aspects of vernacular architecture and landscapes.


Thanks to the following people for making the first two-day tour of VAF-NE so successful, and contributing generously to this blog.

  • Christi A. Mitchell, Architectural Historian, Maine Historical Preservation Commission, VAF-NE Board Member, the chief organizer and genial host for the tour. This blog is guided by Christi’s highly informative tour notes.
  • William B. Finch, preservation specialist, for his marvelous photographs and keen editorial skills.
  • The VAF- New England chapter board members including Shantia Anderheggen, who’s indispensable in making our tours happen; and Robert Adam for sharing his expertise with characteristic good humor.
  • Historian Roger Reed who kindly sent me his comments.

Thanks also  to our guides at the meetinghouse sites.

  • Abyssinian – Leonard Cummings, President, Committee to Restore the Abyssinian, Jessica Milneil, Preservation Timber Framing
  • Harpswell Meetinghouse and East Harpswell Free-Will Baptist Church – David Hackett, President, Harpswell Historical Society
  • Lincolnville Meetinghouse –  Mary Schulein, music director, Diane O’Brien, President, Lincolnville Historic Society
  • Old German Meetinghouse – Becky Maxwell
  • Walpole and Alna meetinghouses – Huston Dodge, veteran preservationist, Lincoln County
  • Alna Meetinghouse – Les Fossel, preservation carpenter, Lincoln County

All photos are copyright their respective owners.

You can follow national VAF on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed.

Map of Meeting Houses on the Tour


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