Old German Meeting House, 1770-1773, Waldoboro

Sunday morning was raining as  we gathered at the well-preserved Old German Meeting House on Bremen Road in Waldoboro. The meeting house was built by members a German Protestant community, who immigrated to Broad Bay (later Waldoboro) in the mid-18th century. Built in 1772 -1773, Old German Meeting House originally sat on the east side of the Medomak River, replacing an earlier building. In the winter of 1794-1795, the structure was taken apart and reassembled at its present hillside location, on the west side of the river. Currently, the German Protestant Society maintains the Old German Meeting House as a memorial. Read Carl Lounsbury’s report on the building and it’s history.

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The interior fittings, including the tall pulpit with sounding board, tall box pews with raised panels and three-sided gallery were  added to the building in the late 1790s and early 1800s. (Lounsbury)

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The pulpit sits opposite the entrance, which is centered on the short wall of the meetinghouse. Carl Lounsbury  questions whether the current structure is the original framing and plan. Rather, he posits that the meetinghouse entrance, as originally built in 1772-1773, was centered on the long-wall, as was typical for New England meetinghouses built in the early 1770s.

Upper level views:

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Additional Information:


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